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Canary Islands news, weather, foto, webcam, articles

This information and news website is dedicated to the Canary Islands (Islas Canarias). Here you can find a lot of unique information connected with life, holidays, history and events of the Canary Islands. You can find here everyday news about culture, sports, activities, holidays, ecology, tourism etc. - the most interesting and topical events in the life of the Canarians and visitors.
Here you can find many photos presenting architecture, traditions, and landscapes of the Canary Islands. All the photos are followed by interesting articles. If you need a geographical map or satellite photo of one of the Canary Islands or the entire Archipelago, they are at your disposition. A set of webcams let you see the live picture from the Canary Islands.
This website contains actual information about weather of the Canary Islands. You can see the current information from weather monitors - actual air and water temperature, humidity, pressure, wind direction and force, cloudiness, and visibility. The data update every 15 min. You may also find here a year archive of the weather data.
This website contains interesting unique articles about history, traditions, culture, geography, geology, biology, and activities of the Canary Islands. Welcome to our website!

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